Hair has been my passion since I was 5 and when I turned 23, I made it my career. Working for 10 years as a hairstylist taught me a lot about how hair plays a key role in self confidence. I’ve seen first-hand how the right hairstyle can change your self-perception. A bad hair day, on the other hand, can make you feel uncomfortable and profoundly impacts your self-esteem. Bad hair, bad vibes.

     So let’s face it, you set the bar high when it comes to how you want your hair to look and being natural isn’t always the best option. Quite frankly, wearing extensions saves the day. Whether you choose a wig or a sew-in, it’s the go-to when adding style and personality to your hair.

     When it comes down to purchasing hair these days anyone can order online but there is a catch. You usually can’t have the best of both worlds while buying extensions. You either have to buy a product that is too costly or you compromise on the quality to get a budget-friendly product. This market void prompted me to launch Royal Amor Hair that offers uncompromised quality without a hefty price tag.

     Royal Amor Hair has no equal when it comes to Brazilian virgin hair. Our full, shiny, and soft tresses will flatter your every look for any outfit or occasion. With our extensions, you can try different hairstyles without worrying about damaging your own hair; you could even dye or perm them.

     My goal is to help you find the right hair that best suits your needs. You can reach out anytime through the customer service chat with any questions.

Stay beautiful! Redefine Glam.


Yours truly,


Aleshia ♥️