No Heavy Shedding

Our hair extensions are tightly wefted using the best sewing methods, thus preventing heavy shedding throughout the duration of your style.


No Tangling 

True quality extensions are those whose cuticles are all in one direction. When cuticles aren’t aligned it causes matting and tangling which is an indication that the hair is of poor quality.


Last 18-24months

Our hair is of high quality and human and should last 18-24 months with moderate styling. Using more heat and other chemical stressors lessens the life span. The hair is human hair and will last as long as it’s taken care of properly.


Can be Bleached

Our hair is 100% human hair therefore it takes color very well and can be lifted up to 27/30 when done professionally.


No Synthetic Blends

High quality hair is 100% human and doesn’t tangle or matte easily and can be curled and styled as you please. Many hair extensions are mixed with synthetic hair that will do the opposite of what you need it to.